The Vegas Supermodel Experience

Confidence is sexy.  That’s the simple truth!  However, a little confidence boost every once in awhile would go a long way to enhance a woman’s view of herself. As photographers, we realized we could use photography to provide this boost. How?  Make every woman feel like a Supermodel!  Each and every woman possesses beauty.  She just might not know how to let it shine through.  We do!  And we can make you see it too through the photographs.  You can’t deny how beautiful you are if the evidence is staring you in the face.

We are so excited to announce that we will be launching a new website that will showcase the Supermodel Experience!  For the past few months, we have been getting an amazing response to our Facebook announcements and we are excited to share the first experiences with you!  Today we thought we would give you a preview of a few pictures and video that will be on the site.

When we flew across the country for WPPI we couldn’t miss the opportunity to shoot in sunny Las Vegas!  What better place to get awesome photographs then in vegas baby?!?  So we called up our friend Anna who lives there and asked if she would help us set up a Supermodel Shoot.  She got together five of her beautiful friends and hooked us up with an amazing shoot site: a penthouse in the Turnberry Towers on Paradise Boulevard!  Needless to say, the shoot was a huge success and Aaron got the most amazing shots! I was able to film a little video during the day, so we put together a quick Fusion Trailer to show you the Supermodel Experience … Vegas Style!


Kelsey (Executive Assistant/Office Manager/Director of Fashion/Cinematographer/Espresso Maker/Secretary/Experimental Supermodel/Chauffeur/Voice of Reason/the list goes on and on)

Alison and Jonathan’s Fusion Film

Back in October we had the honor of being a part of Alison and Jonathan’s wedding at the beautiful Kluge Vineyards.  On the morning of the wedding we woke up to overcast skies and the weather forecast was hinting that we might be in for a dreary day.  However when we arrived, we were blown away by the gorgeous scenery and as the day went on the weather turned out to be perfect!  Alison & Jonathan did a great job planning their wedding with help from the awesome Megan Daubert who has quickly become one of my favorite wedding coordinators in Charlottesville. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is getting married and needs some help or guidance!

The ceremony was held outside of the beautiful Kluge church, underneath a canopy of trees and surrounded by the vineyard on three sides. It was the perfect backdrop for Alison & Jonathan’s fairytale wedding! As you will see in the fusion film it was a very tearful and touching ceremony, so afterwards everyone was ready to kickback and have some fun. The bridal party along with Alison & Jonathan kicked off the night in style as they busted out their best dance moves for the introductions.

I have to thank 20 South catering as once again they served up a delicious dinner with their trademark style. I always love working with them as not only is the food amazing, but the presentation is equally as spectacular. I always love the setup of the bar with their colorful lights, which often becomes the backdrop for my ring shots.

The toasts were heartfelt as each person shared a personal connection with Alison and Jonathan.  The best man told us a story about how they playfully kidnapped Jonathan for his bachelor party weekend and how all of their careful planning went haywire.  It was a little hard to take pictures as we were laughing almost as hard as Alison and Jonathan were!  The maid of honor brought more tears to the room as she painted a picture of why Alison and Jonathan are so special and how they touch the people around them.  We definitely felt that throughout the whole day!

At the end of the night everyone gathered outside the doors with sparklers to give the new couple an amazing send off. To complete the fairytale wedding Jonathan’s dad surprised them with a vintage Jaguar complete with a personal chauffeur!

As you will see, the energy throughout the day was amazing and provided for many awesome photos! I want to thank Alison & Jonathan again for letting us be a part of their wedding! We had such a great time and enjoyed meeting all of your family and friends!  We hope you enjoy the fusion film!

Top 10

Happy Holidays! I’m sure you’ve noticed my lack of recent posts, and I have a great excuse … we’ve moved! I recently bought my first house and am excited to welcome everyone into my new home (just as soon as I get some fruniture)!:)I promise to post some photos just as soon as we finish decorating! Until then I have some other great news …

I am honored to announce that I recently placed in the top 10 for the ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) Fall Competition! I am even more honored considering that I was one of the few photographers from Virginia to place (it seems the Europeans were running away with the awards this time)! The picture that placed (below) is one of my favorites from Laura and Tim’s wedding back in August. According to Tim, most groomsmen gifts are pointless things that will never be used again. While searching online for Groomsmen gifts he stumbled upon these Samurai swords and decided that if he was going to give a pointless gift, he might as well make it the coolest pointless gift ever!:)Needless to say it was a huge hit and it made for a very interesting cake cutting. I love all of the reactions from their friends and family in the background as well as the nervous expression on Laura’s face!


Be sure to check back soon as we have a few announcements coming up that I am very excited to share with you!

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